Moving Forward

Startling views like this one on my daily commute make travelling in cramped damp and stuffy trains worthwhile. Watching the reflections of purple skies, trees and scenes of my Valley home speeding by as I race home from work on a still, in early Spring, darkening evening, always makes me consider how quickly time is passing. As I get older, the wrinkles on my face and hands are the reminder of how quickly time has passed by, along with the aches and pains in my joints and failing eye sight. Instead of being depressed about this, I want to celebrate it, so my work this term has been about examining my wrinkles - closely! The exhibition in the West Wharf Gallery in May has given me a space to think about this, how to complete the work (it is still in the experimental phase) and whether it is will be a window hanging, a wall piece or a sculpture. It could even be all three - if the space allows but I am excited about celebrating the passing of time, remembering the past, bringing loved ones back to the present with their images and words, and combining all of this - hopefully, in an experience that can be appreciated in the gallery. Light will be my friend, so fingers crossed for a sunnier end of Spring than the start to it.

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