'Fragments' MA Group Show
West Wharf Gallery
Jacobs Market


'Traces - a work of memory' an installation 2019: sewing pattern, interface, printing ink, tracing paper, calico, photcopy transfer, acrylic, ready-made mirror, net curtain line, paper, photocopies of stills from home movies, lamp, light image.

'The Installation is a memorialisation of my maternal grandmother's love.  I wanted to recreate the space where I felt unconditionally loved and secure.  She taught me on her hands and knees how to sew, but whilst she did, she told me stories of her childhood, warned me about men and told me I was beautiful.  She died unexpectedly of a brain aneurism in 1994.  I was unaware that I was pregnant with my youngest child at the time.' Jo Headington 2019

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