I have been making my own eco-dyes since 2014, but in the Lockdown Summer of 2020 I began to experiment further with these dyes and create inks and paints for my landscape and botanical studies.

The 'Lockdown Landscape' series was of watercolour observations made during the legally permitted isolation exercises.  The 'Botanical Ink Paintings' have developed from colour extracted from the weeds, herbs and plants grown on my new allotment and foraged from the surrounding hedgrows during the Summer and Autumn of 2020.

Painting with handmade inks and paints, locally sourced and grown from the places I am painting has given me a renewed sense of focus and purpose as an artist and maker.


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Handmade, limited edition and seasonal inks for painting and illustration.  Made in Wales, from locally sourced and grown plants, berries and minerals.

(Copper and Iron oxides sourced from recycled metals)

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